Amanda was quite simply an answer to our prayers. She was recommended by another attorney who could not take our case and right from the beginning I found her to be everything we needed. She was very knowledgeable about the law in our case and also sensitive to our needs as clients.

During the prep for our case Amanda was very open to our needs and ensured that we knew all of the different things that were available to us under the law. She recommended a course of action that I had not considered and I feel in doing so turned our case into an easy win. I also tend to be a person who avoids conflict in an effort to ease relations with others. During our case she ensured that my rights were protected from both our opponent and myself.

During the actual trial I found Amanda to be just aggressive enough for what we needed. She was fun to watch as she worked but never stepped over the line where I would have become self-conscious for having hired her. She can be a bulldog when needed but it really came across in a way that was both professional and necessary.

Thanks to Amanda our daughter is now living in a much healthier household where she will grow up to be a healthy and contributing member of our family and society. I highly recommend Amanda and though I never want to have to use a family law attorney again, I know that if I need to I have someone who I can trust.