Represent yourself, but with the support of an experienced attorney.

Consulting services &
Limited scope work

Handling your divorce on your own may sound tempting…

It seems like a quick solution and there are no attorney fees to worry about. However, it is usually not a good idea to attempt a legal process, such as divorce, without the assistance of an experienced attorney at your side.

That is why I offer divorce consulting services. This is an affordable way for parties to get the benefit of legal advice without the cost of traditional divorce representation.

When you hire me for divorce consulting or limited scope work, you control the amount of money you spend on your divorce. It is a way to represent yourself with support from an attorney only when you need it.

I can assist at any point in the process, from case analysis or coaching on negotiation strategies, to reviewing mediated agreements. I provide individualized advice regarding your legal rights and make sure any agreements you reach are legally binding.

Discuss Your Options

Consulting services

  • Case evaluation and analysis
  • Experienced, knowledgeable legal advice
  • Researching legal issues for you
  • Help with discovery and financing disclosures
  • Document preparation
  • Help with how to file documents

I provide consulting and limited scope work on an hourly basis, with my hourly rate being $300.00 per hour. During our consultation, I will discuss whether this is a good option for you and your situation.

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