I was in a very tough situation where i was kept from seeing my seeing my daughter. I had already gone to court once with a different lawyer that, no joke, didn’t even know my name. I over heard my them ask their assistant “what client is this?” Needless to say that time in court didn’t go well AT ALL! I was lucky enough to be referred to Mrs. Love. She immediately started helping me with my situation. My soon to be ex quickly (thanks to Mrs. Love) started allowing me to see my daughter. The next time I was in court, not only did my lawyer know my name, but she also fixed all the unbelievable things that happened the previous time in court. Her level of professionalism, the long hours put into preparing for my case and the genuine care given to the outcome far exceeded my expectations! I went from feeling completely helpless to knowing that everything would turn out okay. From her keeping me informed to giving me a general sense that she cares about me and my situation, I highly recommend Mrs. Love and am grateful for all of her diligent work with my case!